Wardrobe Wizards

Just wanted to thank you for the Victoria Secret idea for the cover up skirt. I found a cute one online with a floral pattern.  They are pretty inexpensive too! Thanks for the tip! A.B./Reading Specialist/Dresher, Pa


Ahhh!  I just finished trying everything on.  I love my purchases, love, love, love them.  My husband likes the black dress, which means loves it.  I especially like the flats we got at Ann Taylor and the heels.  I like the brown cords too!  Gosh how many times can I say I love everything?  I have a lot going on for the next three weeks, but I must say it is my closet of clothes that has me so cheerful this morning.  Instead of tossing and turning, I went to my closet to look at all of my purchases.  Clothes do make me joyful.  I needed this spark to my wardrobe.  It is so clear to me now what I have to get rid of.  I have put items aside for you to look at, but I am sure you will agree.  You are so talented, knowing exactly what to buy.  Mom/Garden Enthusiast / Gladwyne, PA


I LOVE them!!!!  They're actually comfortable and I think that they will look really cool with the dress.  Thank you SO much for the recommendation!!! Suzanne R./Attorney/Entrepreneur/Gladwyne, PA


Wardrobe Wizards of Image In You, LLC gave me much more than a closet makeover.  It is like having a therapist, Hollywood stylist, organizational expert and your college roommate (the fun one) all wrapped up into one.  Julie asked the probing questions that helped me to understand why I made certain purchases and how I need to think about outfitting myself for my lifestyle now.  My perceptions about how I spend my time were not reality.  Working with Julie has cleared the clutter both in my closet and in my head.  Her analysis put me on the track to make intelligent rather than impulsive purchases for the futureCarrie/ Freelance Producer


After trying to unsuccessfully clean out my closet for nearly 2 years, I (and my husband) was tired of looking at my closet and saying "I have nothing to wear" yet  to a stranger it looked like there was plenty in there.  I was finally convinced that I really needed to do something.  Here is where Julie Rome of Wardrobe Wizards helped me.  We spent 3-4 hours and it totally changed my closet and my life.  Things that I couldn't seems to part with in the past were easy to eliminate because they were the wrong size, shape, fit or color. Not only did we get rid of clothes that were in great condition but we gave them away to good causes.  After purging we organized my closet and Julie showed me how to pull together new outfits for both work and play. We added a few new accessories and I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe.  I am so proud when I can take what I have, make new outfits and feel confident that I have entered the new millennium. I feel more confident at work and have been rewarded for that with a promotion..  I have also begun to organize the rest of my life as well.  I have been cleaning other rooms in my house and even redecorated my office at work.  LB/ Executive Physician


Since I am very busy and felt that I couldn't find time, I asked (Julie) to help me pick out an outfit for my 25th high school reunion.  (She) did all the leg work.  At first when Julie made the suggestion that I should wear a pair of really great jeans I felt that it sounds like a terrific idea but felt that I might look fat in them.  When I tried them on and put together the entire outfit that (Julie) picked for me, I not only looked great but felt great.  At my reunion I was complimented over and over! So thank you so much for everything!  I really loved how I looked and my time at the reunion was great as well!  Lori F / Pharmacist / Bryn Mawr, PA


As a busy, part time professional mom who loves clothes but hates shopping, discovering Julie and Wardrobe wizards was great.  In just a few months, she showed me how to revamp my wardrobe and get key items to use for both work and play.  Her sense of style is outstanding and having someone in the "know" looking for clothes for me and shopping with me has been wonderful.  There are no more mistakes in my closet, and every item Julie has found for me is stylish, wearable and consistent with my lifestyle.  K.G. / Attorney


You know what is so great about you, among many things, I just love the way you listen to me.  I usually think I babble on too much about what I want or am looking for and you have such a great way of cutting to the chase and finding it.  It is very impressive to me.  You really know what you are doing and you are an extremely good listener.  It's hard sometimes for me to eloquently and appropriately articulate what I am trying to say but among all the verbosity you can pick out the information you need to just get going.  It's terrific and so are you.  Volunteer/Mom Penn Valley, PA


Just me again, thanking you for the 100th time.  I finally had my xxth birthday party and beside having one of the best times ever, I loved my outfit!!  I have told you over and over how much working with you has changed my life, but I thought I needed to let you know again.  I felt great which enabled me to relax and enjoy myself (which never used to happen).  I can't thank you enough!  Another great woman in the Philadelphia area


I can't begin to tell you how much you have helped me.  I think I'm finally finding my style.  I feel so confident in a well-fitted trouser and either a fitted blouse or a sweater.  Today was best day ever!  I need something presentable, but not too over the top.  I put one outfit together and that is what I am wearing.  I spent exactly 2 or 3 minutes getting dressed instead of my usual 20 minutes.  I feel so liberated.  Thank you again for everything.  Museum Committee Treasurer/ Blue Bell, Pa 

Transforming your wardrobe to Fit your lifestyle

The process of buying is painful for me.  I am a bit boring when it comes to putting things together.  (Julie) made it quick plus gave me the feedback I needed on each item.  I particularly like knowing how to wear the things.  I have loved our purchases and feel like it is more fun getting dressed.  I have just loved all my clothes!  (During a recent visit) my mom said I looked nice all weekend.  Thanks Julie!  Mom / Haverford